Bai Lu Resort – Unique and Original

Bai Lu is located in Nghi Loc district, Nghe An province, which is famous for its harmonious and poetic beaches and landscapes as a picture.

With charming scenery, natural populations including both mountains and sea, We can watch the sunrise on the sea and the sun sets gradually behind the mountains. This is a great thing that is not everywhere.

It can be said that Bai Lu is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Central with long white sand beaches, clear blue sea, stone slabs, vast green pine forests, and casuarina rows reaching out towards the sea…

Different from a lively and bustling Cua Lo beach, Bai Lu has a gentle, peaceful and simple beauty. From a distance, Bai Lu appears with shiny sand, on one side is the blue color of the sea water, the other is the green of pine forest – bringing a cool feeling. With the white sand beach curving along the border,  waves brings a soft, graceful, clear feeling, like a beautiful girl in her twenties, Bai Lu is likened to a “ fairies from the heave “.

Walking on the coast under the needle foliage in the sweltering summer days, listening to the whispering waves, everyone is relieved, releasing his soul into the sweet, infatuated.

When coming to Bai Lu, you will be resting in Bai Lu Resort not only full of class but also extremely romantic. A complex of buildings, harmonious architecture, cleverly exalted the beauty of nature, intact the wild beauty that makes you feel like you are immersed in the grass, sky, clouds and wind. You can swim, play with the waves, or soak in the lovely swimming pools overlooking the majestic scenery in the distance…

At Bai Lu Resort you will also experience attentive service with many resort and entertainment services; enjoy fresh seafood and typical dishes of Nghe An. Restaurant system of Bai Lu Resort is designed luxuriously and warmly with a professional and friendly service staff. With spacious garden system, beautiful scenery, Bai Lu Resort is also the ideal place to organize outdoor programs such as wedding parties, gala dinner, events…

If you need a peaceful place to accompany with your relatives, colleagues, friends to relax, enjoy yourself with nature, temporarily take away the worries of life, Bai Lu Resort is a great choice for you

Bai Lu Resort: Unique and original