Coming to Bai Lu Resort, visitors not only be immersed in the blue water, walk under pine forests, up hill sim windy … but also enjoy the delicious dishes, the specialty has injured a region famous.

Referring to the central sun and wind, in addition to the human memory frequency algae confront harsh climate, people still remember all the heavy delicacies homeland. Located on the territory of the central system at Bai Lu Resort restaurant will serve you a dish originating bold style technology.

With a varied menu and plentiful, you will enjoy dishes prepared fussy as: Beef garlic flavored yogurt, cow leaf guise, wild boar roast, vegetables dot warehouse swipe … Fresh pepper spices “godly” people of the Central, so, if you want experience, you can call yourself the dish be reduced with pungent peppers, feel the deep peace of this land.

A special thing indispensable to Bai Lu Resort is enjoying the fresh seafood dishes. Seafood in Vietnam’s waters have many different varieties, but with environmental conditions of the central coast, where tasty seafood, delicious and hard to resist. Fish, shrimp, crab … is served at the restaurant of Bai Lu Resort are caught in date processing immediately, through the skillful hands of professional chefs become items tasty but kept the look fresh, salty sea. Also, best of all, is whether at sea, you can still enjoy the special dishes, flavored mountains, by natural gift for Bai Lu prime location, next to the forest and sea.

With 4 restaurants: Chau Sa, Huong Rung, Japanese cuisine at Bai Lu Resort fresh medium to the point, whether processed fussy most but also for you to enjoy the full flavor of pure Best. In particular, apart from the dishes with Vietnamese flavors, understand the intersection between culture Vietnam – Japan, Bai Lu Resort was first put culinary style of the country consistent evidence to beach paradise

Staff served at the restaurant of Bai Lu Resort are trained, professional service with friendly attitude. Space at the restaurant of Bai Lu Resort is open and airy with the criteria for interior fit, providing maximum location to organize events, gala diner … Things that help you just may enjoy delicious dishes, just feel relaxed and comfortable.

What could be more wonderful with the resort and enjoy excellent cuisine, the essence of the forests, the sea. Happiness restaurants Bai Lu Resort is drive you reach the pinnacle of culinary experience, satisfying all the senses …

Chau Sa Restaurants

Chau Sa restaurant located on the east coast is a restaurant located in the most central location in Bai Lu. Special restaurant located poolside space associated with dreamlike sea. Guests eat breakfast at the restaurant can enjoy the sunrise Bai Lu each fleet racing to overcome interference. Also right next to the restaurant terrace lawn next to the coast, is the ideal venue to organize the program of events, cultural exchange.

Japanese Restaurants

Although not located in the center of the resort, but can accommodate up to 100 guests, restaurant Japanese teppanyaki promises to bring you the unique cuisine novelties, enjoy a private flower of Japanese cuisine with the best service at the Bai Lu Resort. Sure customers will experience unforgettable relaxation.

Hoa Bien Restaurants

Hoa Bien Restaurants like flowers by the sea. The location is right on the coast gives you a feeling of closeness to nature while dining at a restaurant. Especially the restaurant is located next to rocky island area with three sides of the sea is a great place to organize culinary program combines outdoor grill bonfire.

Huong Rung Restaurant

Huong Rung Restaurant is flavor seaside mountains. Located at the foothills of the forest Hang Huong serving to guests staying at the hillside villas.