Coming to Bai Lu Resort, besides being immersed in nature space green, you can delight to experience great vacation with sports activities here: Tennis, gym, badminton, football – beach volleyball, water motorcycles, bicycles double electric car, hiking, night squid fishing …. and entertainment activities varied.

Start a new day greeted the dawn and ends at sunset with the bike on the path of Bai Lu. In sunlight slender weak, you will feel the romance, immersed in the natural scenery. If a person likes conquering high level to explore, you can join trekking activity. The higher, larger eye toward the ocean, and in views himself as the image of a beautiful Bai Lu resort

In the afternoon, you can play tennis in the playground is designed correct standard, modern gym, and outdoor sports activities, have fun on the sand. Nightfall, please get together for the night squid fishing, themselves caught fresh squid are swam in the ocean depths. It was an extremely interesting experience that you should not miss when you come here.

Especially, Bai Lu Resort also personal watercraft. This is a sport suitable for sea travelers to experience strong feelings. With this sport, you will feel like you are driving scooters and conquer the waves undulating sea with speeds up to 70-80km/h.

With a diverse range of entertainment services, entertainment, you absolutely can choose for themselves the most appropriate type. Couples, families, young people or the elderly overflowing youth, children will also have recreational activities and play freely according to their preferences.